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Every wedding is the beginning of a new family,

How would it be that every beginning was consciously and responsibly with nature?

Hello Brides!

My name is Brenda Gladín and I am the wedding planner behind Ixchel Weddings.✨

At Ixchel Weddings we believe that more and more couples, like you, are looking for different alternatives for planning their wedding, seeking that they do not harm the environment.

That is why we provide a wedding planning service with a low environmental impact , where we accompany you in the design of the event, search and choose suppliers willing to cooperate in reducing waste, as well as a measurement of the environmental impact that your wedding avoided. .

You not only learn for your wedding, but for your new home and your entire life.


Hello! My name is Brenda Gladín and I am the wedding planner behind Ixchel Weddings.

If you are here, it is because they recommended you our wedding planning or coordination service. I tell you that although my service specializes in seeking that your wedding is as ecological as possible, we align ourselves with the practices with which you are familiar, we do not impose rules that are alien to you.

So don't worry, we go at your own pace.

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