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Are you looking for your wedding to support the environment?

You came to the right place!


Hello Brides!

My name is Brenda Gladín and I am the wedding planner behind Ixchel Weddings.✨

Sunset lover, minimalist and zero-waster. I love doing cool events that reflect the personality of the couple. 🤘🏻😎

I specialize in planning weddings with low environmental impact , free of single-use plastics♻ (and free of anything else unnecessary) so if you are also one of the crazy people who take care of the planet, we will make a perfect team! 🥰🌎

I am also half hippie and I believe faithfully that each wedding is a union at the level of souls, which is why in Ixchel Weddings you will also find personalized Spiritual Ceremonies based on the beliefs of each couple, they are beautiful!

We have a coffee and I'll talk to you more, does it go out? Write me here. 😉



Thank you for your interest in IX CHEL Weddings! We will contact you shortly.


Tips for your wedding, from the protocols of the event, what to consider in planning, to alternatives to have an ecological wedding.