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Hello Brides!

My name is Brenda Gladín and I am the wedding planner behind Ixchel Weddings.✨

At Ixchel Weddings we believe that more and more couples, like you, are looking for different alternatives for planning their wedding, seeking that they do not harm the environment.

We help couples to plan their wedding with a low environmental impact , where we accompany them in the design of the event and the search and choice of suppliers willing to cooperate in reducing waste.

Thanks to this experience, we have decided to create this course that will help you know the bases to make the most eco-friendly decisions for your wedding.

In this course you will learn:

1. Basic concepts of environment and weddings.

2. Visible and invisible environmental impact.

3. How you can make your wedding have a low environmental impact.


Monterrey, MX.

The course really helped me a lot and I continued to open eyes further generates environmental impact as wearing a "traditional" wedding.


San Luis Potosí, MX.

My boyfriend and I watched the video together and it helped us see how we want our wedding, we decided to do as close to zero waste as possible.


2 hours of content between videos, audio and workbook.

60 days you will have the resources available from your registration.

800 MXN is the investment to enroll, which is refundable in any of our planning packages.