Save up to 230 hours of work planning your Wedding!

  Time is not gold, it's life.  

An average girlfriend, like any other human on the planet, has many activities to do: work during the workday, exercise, date the fiancé, coffee with friends, walk the dog, family dinner, boyfriend's family dinner, time with herself … There are times when you don't even have time to go get your nails done or have a dental check-up. Has it happened to you? Well, now that you are engaged, you will have to add one more activity: Planning your Wedding.

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On average, a wedding requires 250 hours of work in total . Which implies from seeking inspiration, looking for locations, looking for suppliers, quoting services, meeting with them to evaluate them, deciding, signing contracts, making payments, keeping control of the budget, making a guest list, choosing colors, theme, trend of decoration, visiting bridal houses, reading advice ... And a long etcetera.

And as if that weren't enough, despite the fact that on the internet you find lists with '' everything '' that you require for your Wedding, you do not feel sure of knowing if you are doing things well, if you should trust that provider, if you Wedding is having decoration in trend or if the prices they are charging you are fair. Sounds like a thriller right? It's not fair that you feel so overwhelmed planning one of the most anticipated days of your life.

What if I told you that instead of spending 250 hours of planning, you can invest only 20? Attractive right?

Well, this is the reality when you hire the wedding planner service. We are not in charge of capturing the idea that you have in mind to materialize it into reality, our knowledge of the market makes us know which locations and suppliers to go to to achieve the Wedding you expect. In addition to the experience we have in sticking to a budget and achieving the best results. And for all this, you only invest at most 20 hours between appointments with us, and with suppliers such as the dress, the groom's suit, tastings, etc.

If you want to save 230 hours in planning your Wedding, leave me your information below and I will contact you to tell you about everything that my wedding planner service implies.



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