ixchel weddings

Personalized 90-minute consulting so that you have the clarity and step by step so that your wedding shows its essence as a couple in every detail.

The 1a1 consulting is designed for couples who seek to validate that they are planning their wedding correctly or feel that it is getting out of hand and want to obtain the step by step and clarity that their wedding is being created according to their illusion and vision ecological.


Do you feel identified?



You can reflect your essence in your wedding but you need clarity to make the right decisions.

This 1 to 1 consulting consists of

a 90 minute video call in which we will work on your wedding in:


- Supervision of each of the suppliers


- Analysis of the progress and decisions that have been made so far


- The map of decisions that you will have to make regarding the general logistics of your wedding

It also includes:


- Templates, files and tools that work in Ixchel Weddings


- Contacts to complement the session


- Notes on what has been worked in the consultancy

They have already taken the advice:

Thank you for the advice you gave us, the truth was that it helped me a lot since with this I realized that I still had some little things to hire and also you supported me to start giving me an idea of how long each moment would last on the wedding day I never thought they were busy schedules! Also thank you very much for giving me some phone numbers from trusted providers so that I can contract.

Ana & Polo get married in November 2020

Give yourself that clarity you need so that your wedding fully reflects your essence as a couple.


$ 1,500

You can pay through Paypal, Deposit or Bank Transfer.

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